1. Irma Boom: Her design, work process and the importance of the book.

    A lecture at the London Design Festival 2014

    The difference in pronunciation of Irma Boom’s surname is a nice metaphor for her place in the Design World. Boom meaning tree in Dutch creates a soft and settled feeling in contradiction to the English pronunciation where they call her ‘Boem’ what sounds like an expressive explosion.

    Her books, alive in scale, size and weight, are singly a unique experience what makes her one of the most famous book artists in the world. Showing her work and design process she highlighted her specific designation for clients, or how she calls it ‘opdrachtgevers’ (commissioners). In purpose she doesn’t call them ‘klanten’ (clients), as she don’t want to serve them but she wants to create for them.

    Irma Boom who creates dynamic books that must be reproducible - as she doesn’t believe in a one, or small quantities printed example - unfortunately didn’t understood my question to explain why in her vision a book should be reproducible while they are mostly difficult in use or impractical? As reproducible and impractical feels like a contradiction to me. 

    She answered this question by: ‘My books are not difficult in use as you can just go from page to page’. Irma Boom’s books that can be extremely small, so you can hardly read any text or extremely thick, huge and heavy, so you need to make an effort to go through. Why should they be reproducible? Why not a one printed example? 

    This miscommunication prevented me to ask further about her vision of books and Graphic Design in general. ‘Form follows Function’ one of the main aims in graphic design, seems to became ‘Form dominates Function’ in Irma Boom’s design. The function, content of the book almost becomes unnecessary through the extreme great forms it gets.

    Maybe I wasn’t prepared enough. Maybe I was just unclear, but once I hope to get the answers to understand Irma’s vision and purpose of her books.

  2. Digital Revolution at the Barbican
    An immersive exhibition of art, design, film music and videogames.


  3. Experience the power of a book book!
    Print is not dead! It is alive and livelier
     then ever!



  4. Handmade Architectural Pattern Cufflinks
    Happy Birthday little Bro!


  5. The Dutch Man doesn’t exist!

    open-hearted, cozy vs. privacy
    thrift vs. hospitality
    sobriety vs. exaggerating
    moderation vs. outspoken

    (Source: designstudioculture)


  6. The Streets of America - The Emptiness of Wayfinding
    Travelling through America - from San Francisco to New York - I mentioned a difference in the street view. It was empty and calm! Although there was more traffic then ever. I realized that the emptiness was caused by the lack of street and traffic signs. Why I got unsure how to behave on the streets. Can I drive into this street? Or is it just one direction?

    The few number of traffic signs had an overdone structure and balance in the typography; why it became really difficult to get the message in one glance. Sometimes they even used even more then 5 type sizes per sign. The design quote ‘Less is more’, didn’t seem to have reached America.

    Although I was completely confused by their traffic signs I found this the most interesting part of America. It made me realized what makes a country special: the flow of a space!