1. Handmade Architectural Pattern Cufflinks
    Happy Birthday little Bro!


  2. The Dutch Man doesn’t exist!

    open-hearted, cozy vs. privacy
    thrift vs. hospitality
    sobriety vs. exaggerating
    moderation vs. outspoken

    (Source: designstudioculture)


  3. The Streets of America - The Emptiness of Wayfinding
    Travelling through America - from San Francisco to New York - I mentioned a difference in the street view. It was empty and calm! Although there was more traffic then ever. I realized that the emptiness was caused by the lack of street and traffic signs. Why I got unsure how to behave on the streets. Can I drive into this street? Or is it just one direction?

    The few number of traffic signs had an overdone structure and balance in the typography; why it became really difficult to get the message in one glance. Sometimes they even used even more then 5 type sizes per sign. The design quote ‘Less is more’, didn’t seem to have reached America.

    Although I was completely confused by their traffic signs I found this the most interesting part of America. It made me realized what makes a country special: the flow of a space!


  4. Handmade Dutch Shade Earrings and Cufflinks
    Happy Birthday my lovely Sister!

    They are also for Sale! Please contact me if intrested!


  5. America: They love their flag!
    It is the most used and most respected national element!


  6. New York - Hipster Town
    Just one of the amazing views when walking towards the ‘Meatpacking District’, a lovely area with the East London feeling.