1. For SALE: Handmade London Cufflinks
    Memorize London with some handmade cufflinks showing; Tate Modern, London Eye, Tower Bridge and St.Pauls Cathedral.
    Contact me if intrested!


  2. Marina Abramović: 512 Hours
    Yesterday I visited the performance by Marina Abramovic in The Serpentine Gallery, London. An amazing performance, where your feelings are becoming the performance by tasks you need to fulfil: Sitting in silent with your eyes closed, walking in slow-motion, standing in front of a white wall, and splitting + counting a bunch of rice and lentils. All the task where fulfilled with earplugs on. A great experience, why I highly recommend everyone to go.


  3. Saatchi gallery
    Get inspired by the exhibition ‘Pangaea: new art. from africa and latin america,.


  4. Printer default
    True love - that is my relation with my crappy printer running out of colour.
    This should have been full colour fields of blue!


  5. Gebakken Lucht Verkopen
    Gebakken Lucht Verkopen - Selling Hot Air - The Dutch expression for telling stories that sound good but are actually meaningless. It seems to be one of the main skills to sell a project to a client.

    Those stories can only sold with many words. The shorter your story, the better the concept!

    This is a part of my research into the London Design & Studio Culture.
    Click here to visit the website


  6. Gebakken lucht verkopen - The making off
    Some cut out letter and a good blowing technique.